• Laser cutting service (Code ST 426)

                   Communicate by WhatsApp at: 221-2225364

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  • Development of optical sensors and inertial navigation systems "strapdown" type. IFOG group

                 - IFOG Group information

  • Verification of System Performance of particle characterization by light scattering. (Code ST 457)
  • Management of comprehensive quality in technological scientific institutes. (Code ST 473)
  • Design of an identification system and optical recognition in bar and steel couplings. (Code ST 708)
  • Communication Systems. (Code ST 772)
  • Course of fiber optic sensors. (Code ST 894)
  • Technical Service for launchers and avionics. (Code ST 962)
  • Laser Micro soldering (Code ST 1053)
  • Laser Macro metrology (Code 1897)
  • Spectroscopic measurements.
  • Design and implementation of integrated quality management systems, environmental and occupational safety and health.
  • Automation, control and assembly of optical and related laboratories. (Cod. 422)/li>
  • Calculations and data processing with Mathematica. (Code ST 423)
  • Calibration of optical equipment. (Code ST 424)
  • Radiometric characterization of light sources and detectors. (Code ST 425)
  • Optical tracers applied to deposits of secondary oil extraction. (Code ST 456)
  • Expert reports on image analysis. (Code ST 2585)
  • Improved design of automatic vision devices. (Code ST 2586)